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Here you can find details of the laser engraving service that we offer to all industries. We operate state of the art lasers that can be used to engrave or mark a wide variety of objects from aerospace parts to iPods. We have the newest and widest fleet of lasers for subcontract marking in Bangalore & offer the highest quality engraving available at extremely competitive prices.

Laser markers are complex and expensive machines, that’s why we offer a subcontract service so our customer can avoid the expense of buying and maintaining a laser. Customers also benefit from our many years of laser experience. we understand the process inside out this superior knowledge gives us a huge advantage in the purchasing and maintenance of our lasers, we in turn can then pass the savings on to our customers.

When we say no job is too big or too small, we really mean it! We can cope with quantities from 1 to 50’000 plus, and regularly do so. you can also be assured of quality that is of the highest standard.

A laser is simply a very intense beam of light which can be used to either remove or change the color of a material. Many common items are now laser marked, for example computer keyboards and mobile phone keypads are normally laser engraved. With our laser we are able to place text and logos on all manner of items.

Because the laser is computer controlled we can easily mark part numbers and machine readable codes for part tracking, the laser creates a high quality and permanent mark that will enhance any product.

Industries that benefit from laser engraving include engineering, promotional, aerospace & medical.

We can laser engrave a wide variety of materials including plastics, metals, and some verity of leathers. We can also handle very large parts with our custom designed laser systems. The major advantages of laser engraving over other methods of marking or etching are the quality, speed & price.

Please give us a call if you think laser marking could be of use to you, we are here to help.