Laser Marking

Laser Marking is the optimum choice if you require precision laser marking for identification, decoration and branding for a diverse range of industry materials.Depending on your marking materials such as stainless steel, titanium, copper, rubber, paint layers and various plastic compounds we provide laser etching,laser tempering, laser ablating, laser foaming or laser bleaching to achieve your optimal marking outcome.

Below is a brief list of the material and applications our lasers can offer you.


Wedding Ring, Charm Bracelets, Jewelry Watches, Medals, Silver wedding card, marking on Rhodium polished jewelry,silver jewelry And Many More.

Corporate Gift

Key Chain, Pen, Mug, Sipper, Trophy’s, Card holder, Moment, Leather dairy, Golf Kit, Pen-drive And Many More.


Tools, Bearings, Anodized Aluminium Spares, Carbide Tools, Keys n Locks, Auto parts And Many More.

CNC Engraving

Can be used on a great range of products to produce a long-lasting presentation of quality.We can reproduce any logo and engrave it to be subtle or really stand out. With variations in fill patterns, direction and density we can create eye catching effects for your logo or artwork. For perfect precision and sharp contrasts, we can engrave on various plastic or metal plates.